Sunday Short Theatre – Something Like Loneliness (2018)

You’ll read us talking about the importance if sound in films constantly here at the site. Today’s Sunday Short Theatre choice sound will take centre stage, and those sounds can be more than than audible experiences.

This week’s film is Something Like Loneliness from brothers Seth Epstein and Ben Epstein. We get used to certain sounds, like something falling and smashing we automatically recognise it. There’s also sounds you hear can trigger a memory, an event good or bad that could bring a smile or sadness.

This 13 minute short film is based around an award winning short play from Ryan Dowler. Singletons and Neighbours Mia and Dan bargain over their favourite sounds, captured in food storage containers. The pair fill the void of emptiness with sounds that made them happy.

Our little planet is a overload of sensual and audible memories, and why we live in one big memory box that keeps us living. When you need that urge to smile, laugh or even cry, stop, close your eyes and concentrate and let those sounds immerse you.

Upstairs-downstairs neighbors Dan and Mia have never met, but the thin floor between their apartments offers its own kind of intimacy. In an alternative reality where sounds – and the sensory memories that accompany them – can be captured in food storage containers, Dan approaches Mia with a proposal. He offers some of the sounds of his life in exchange for some of the sounds of hers. As their surreal exchange unfolds, they visit the sounds that have defined their romantic relationships for good and ill, and wonder if the most difficult memories are meant to be shared.

Source: Short Of The Week

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