Sunday Short Theatre – Kinetic (Kylie Eaton)

One thing her at The Peoples Movies loves to do is shine the spotlight on upcoming talent. Short film is a great starter point to bigger and better things. This week’s Sunday Short Theatre choice is the evidence there’s more to come from this filmmaker.

Kylie Eaton‘s Kinetic is that doorway to hopefully bigger things. It’s the evidence of a feature concept film in the making, a finalist in the 2019 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Competition. A taster of the world she’s built, the characters, and tone.

The film was shot on location in Indiana USA. It also sstars veteran TV actor Amy Davidson (8 Simple Rules) as Aunt Drea and new talent, Violet Brinson (Sharp Objects).

In Kinetic, Brinson plays fourteen-year-old Jess, who struggles through the changes of puberty in the absence of her mother. But when one of those changes turns out to be telekinesis, her small-town criminal family exploits her new powers to their ends. As Jess’s powers grow, so do the rewards and the danger.

It’s only five minutes long , It premiered last week on Film Shortage, now watch it here…

Kylie made an statement on her film…
As a director, I’ve always wanted to create a super-hero story. However, entry barrier to the studio system is high. The ability to license rights to an existing comic/graphic novel property is beyond the means of an indie filmmaker. So, instead of waiting for permission, I created my own superhero. Additionally, in a world dominated by Marvel, DC, and other big comic franchises, audiences are yearning to see original content for the action-scifi-superhero genre. After watching several superhero films based around a son’s relationship with his parents, I decided to explore the genre from the point of view of a young girl coping with her absent mother and her imperfect mother-figure of an aunt. These relationships are highly personal to me, and therefore I love exploring imperfect and non-traditional family structures in my work.