In Let Him Go Trailer Never Mess With The Grandparents

Liam Neeson has proven age doesn’t stop you do anything including being a badass. In Let Him Go, they might not have a particular set of skills but Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are grieving grandparents. On a mission to save their grandson, stand in their way you’ll be full of bullet holes.

Besed on a novel of the same name by Larry Wilson, Costner plays a retired sheriff and Lane his wife. The pair just lost their who must head into the middle of nowhere in Montana to get their grandson. Who happens to be in the clutches of dangerous family who have no plans in giving him back.

Universal Pictures have released the UK Trailer, watch the grandparents kick ass in the name of their son!

Following the loss of their son, retired sheriff George Blackledge (Costner) and his wife Margaret (Lane) leave their Montana ranch to rescue their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family living off the grid in the Dakotas, headed by matriarch Blanche Weboy. When they discover the Weboys have no intention of letting the child go, George and Margaret are left with no choice but to fight for their family.

The film also stars Lesley Manville, Jeffrey Donovan, Kayli Carter, Booboo Stewart,Ryan Bruce, Adam Stafford and Will Brittain.

Let Him Go doesn’t have an exact UK or Irish cinema release date, still ‘Coming Soon’.

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