HBO Release Trailer For Unpregnant Starring Haley Lu Richardson

Here in the UK we have a priceless commodity which our government is trying to dismantle, the NHS. Over in the USA that access to full healthcare system like in Unpregnant starring Haley Lu Richardson a young woman pregnant and a university education about to be flushed down the drain.

High-school student Veronica finds out she’s pregnant and reaches out to her ex-best friend Bailey (Barbie Ferreira) for help. Attempting not to let her dream getting into a Ivy League University. Head on a road journey to get an abortion.

This feels like a anti-Never Rarely Sometimes Always and follows a very similar plot.With a more comedic , lighter tone, however doesn’t mean any less serious. The moral of the story is the freedom of choice, which is non existent.HBO Max have released a Trailer check it out…

Unpregnant begins with a 17-year old Missouri teen named Veronica discovering she has gotten pregnant, a development that threatens to end her dreams of matriculating at an Ivy League college, and the career that will follow. She’s got a loser boyfriend and is not remotely ready to be a mother, but her home state requires minors get parental consent for an abortion and they won’t give her permission. If Veronica wants an abortion, she’ll need to travel 900 miles to New Mexico. The desperate girl turns to her cynical ex-best friend Bailey, and the plan is to drive 14 hours to the clinic and then return home.

The cast for this one includes Sugar Lyn Beard, Breckin Meyer, Ramona Young, Alex MacNicoll,Mary McCormack and Jeryl Prescott.

No word on where and when Unpregnant will be released in the UK. Over the pond in the U.S HBO Max will screen this on 9th September.

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