Director Ruben Pla Discusses The Horror Crowd’s Top Horror Movies

Revealing documentary The Horror Crowd puts a spotlight on the dedicated nightmare-creators that form Hollywood’s horror community. Covering wide-ranging topics such as ‘Being the Weird Kid’, ‘Women in Horror’, ‘Race Relations’, ‘The Dark Side’ and ‘Film Festivals’, this fascinating insight into horror filmmaking and the movie industry features contributions from some of horror’s most innovative and renowned creators.

Ahead of its World Premiere at the upcoming FrightFest Digital Edition The Horror Crowd director Ruben Pla has picked out some of the key contributors to the documentary and their fan-favourite horror hits.

INSIDIOUS (2010)Actress Lin Shaye

I met Lin at the Insidious After-Party. You see, we had no scenes together in the movie, so we never saw each other on set…which leads me to tell you about the insane fact that she and I have worked together on FIVE films and never shared any scenes…until I interviewed her for The Horror Crowd, and then we shared the hell out of those scenes. So we met at the Insidious After-Party and hit it off right away, becoming friends, hanging out at parties, events, and dinners at her place. She is such a delight. Always encouraging and supportive. Truly, as I’ve dubbed her, the Grand Dame of Horror. She’s so endearing as Elsie in Insidious, and James Wan did such a great job putting that film together…the look, the mood, the cast, the scares. When I first saw that movie, even though I was in it, I had trouble sleeping. I kept thinking the Lipstick-Face Demon was hiding in my closet. I’m not kidding.

SAW II (2005)Director Darren Lynn Bousman

First off, and most importantly, Darren directed one of my daughter’s favorite films, Repo! The Genetic Opera, so he’s got extra brownie points right off the bat. Darren and I share an incredible love of Halloween and dressing up, as evidenced in The Horror Crowd, and we’re both devoted family men…he’s got two kids, I’ve got two kids. He has a dog, I’ve had four dogs. He has a wife who scares him, I’ve got a wife who terrifies me. When Darren took over the reins for Saw for three installments (and now the new Spiral) he went in a whole other direction for the franchise. He, literally, defined the term “Torture” on film…but the real, sweet Darren comes out in our talks in the documentary. Don’t miss this tender, touching, other side to the man.

BIG ASS SPIDER! (2013) Director Mike Mendez

MIKEY MENDEZ! What can I say about the guy who essentially brought me into The Horror Crowd? It was through Mike that I met most of these amazing, creative people and got to work on so many incredible projects. Mike is a true horror aficionado and his collection of horror/sci-fi/fantasy action figures is beyond compare. They adorn his home and always make the unsuspecting visitor do a triple-take. Working with him on Big Ass Spider!, Lavantula, and a couple of other things, was a blast. He always brings an incredible amount of humor to even the most gruesome of projects…and that’s how it should be. And he’s an amazing KARAOKE SINGER.

THE WALKING DEAD (2010 – Present)Director Ernest R. Dickerson

I met Ernest through our mutual friend, Cyrus Voris, who wrote the fantastic Demon Knight, which Ernest directed. That film is so much fun to watch. Billy Zane cracks me up every time. And then I find out Ernest directed The Walking Dead, including one of my favorite episodes, the Season 3 Finale with The Governor…it doesn’t get any better than that. Ernest has gone from being Spike Lee’s right hand man as cinematographer, to a much-heralded director in his own right. It was such a pleasure to speak with this gentle man in our documentary and get some real in-depth stories on his background and growing up. I find out in The Horror Crowd that his mother was a librarian, which is so cool, and that led to his immersion in literature, which led to his love of film.

RAZORBACK (1984)Director Russell Mulcahy

I LOVE RUSSELL MULCAHY! Did I mention I love Russell Mulcahy? Besides being a true legend, having directed some of the most iconic films like Highlander, Resident Evil: Extinction, and his amazing calling card into the horror biz, Razorback…a film which influenced a generation of horror filmmakers and inspired us to pursue the genre, he is, without a doubt, one of the nicest people I have ever met. Always with a great attitude, a hilarious quip, smiling throughout while he recounts his history in film, his first camera at age 10, an amazing recollection of details about his work, and just an overall pleasure to be around. When he tells me in The Horror Crowd how when he was a little boy and the Cyclops comes around the corner in The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, and he said to himself “I wanna be able to do that”…it gives me chills just thinking about it right now.

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