Challenging Stereotypes With New TV Advertisements

TV advertisements are created for one reason only: to influence a sale. As such, they are usually as gripping or as entertaining as possible in order to hold your attention long enough to think about purchasing the item. Here are five of the best.

Gala Bingo

A simple sketch, but one that works brilliantly well; there is a man in his kitchen preparing food when suddenly coconuts start flying and chaos ensues. A large pot of gold appears out of nowhere as the man becomes more gobsmacked by the second. He calls out “Jules, are you playing Gala Bingo?” to which the answer is yes. Of course, Jules is on her iPad, playing on a free bet no deposit UK site from the comfort of her own home.

No wonder then that by December 2019, there were a reported 3.5 million online bingo players with the numbers hitting hundreds of millions around the world.


A play on the gender stereotypes associated with drinking alcohol, Heineken’s global campaign “Cheers to All” is certainly an advert to look out for. The film depicts men and women being served a different drink to the one they ordered – a Heineken and cocktail respectively – despite the fact that the men had ordered a cocktail and the women the Heineken.

As the couples scan around looking for help, the bartenders finally realize their mistake and swap the drinks around.


Starbucks has long been a champion of the LGBT+ community and has taken this a step further with their new #WhatsYourName campaign. Despite the transgender community forming approximately 1% of the population, only 0.3% of TV adverts feature a transgender person. So, Starbucks have taken it upon themselves to extend their representation of the LGBT+ community in a heartfelt and impressive advert.


Of course, with Valentine’s Day approaching, a number of companies are jumping on the bandwagon and ASDA have done it expertly with their “Don’t Compromise” campaign. The TV and online advert focuses on a man and woman trying to organize plans for a date. Whilst the man desires a theatre trip, the woman wants to see an action movie in a bid to show that when it comes to quality and price at ASDA, compromise isn’t needed.

Friends of the Earth

With the green revolution taking on new and innovative twists, environmental campaigners Friends of the Earth have highlighted the destructive nature of the human race with their latest advertisement.

“We’ve All Been There” features a swathe of the population fearing that they and their local councils are not doing enough to reverse the effects of climate change and environmental destruction. In fact, a YouGov poll in January 2020 revealed that more than 70% of British 18-24 year-olds are anxious about climate change, so, Friends of the Earth have certainly hit the right note.