Watch Yorgos Zois’ Sci-Fi Short Film Third Kind

When you do your research you’ll find the wonderful diverse world of short films out there. Our weekly Short Sunday Theatre showcases our love for the art of the shorter film. Like all feature films cover all themes many are topical and relevant when there released.

Tonight we present you a newly released Short from Greek filmmaker Yorgos Zois‘s Third Kind. Don’t expect this sci-fi film will all be about space battles, this is one more focused on social commentary.

We find ourselves in the future, Earth is abandoned. Surviving humanity or should I say those with wealth left pastures new. Three archaeologists  return to the planet to find out what happened?

The film was shot around the old abandoned international airport in Athens which is still up. We love the fact this film wasn’t a world building exercise through special effects green screens and snazzy camera tricks. Everything in this film is real, everything is guerrilla filmmaking.

It’s the breakdown of society and even an view on the migrant crisis. As I said it’s a slow-burner, minimal dialogue and feels like something straight out of a 1970’s sci-fi.  It’s 32 minutes long and shot within a month, impressive…

Earth has been abandoned long time now and the human race has found refuge in outer space. Three new archeologists return to Earth to investigate where a mysterious five tone signal is coming from…

Source: Shortftheweek

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