Watch New Antlers Featurette & Comic-Con Panel Vidoe

One of the most anticipated films this year is Scott Cooper’s Antlers.  Today we have two videos that you might be interested in.

This one  is based on an Nick Antosca (Channel Zero) ‘Quiet Boy’. Starring  Keri Russell as Julia Meadows a school teacher in small Oregon town. Her brother Paul (Jesse Plemons) take interest Lucas Weaver (Jeremy T.Thomas) who maybe hiding a dangerous secret.

The first video is a short behind the scenes Featurette that delves in the film’s story. Looking into the Wendigo mythology that’ inspired this chiller…

Yesterday online Scott Cooper and Guillermo Del Toro took part in a Comic Con Panel, check it out below.The video comes courtesy of Collider and the pair do go into the film in great detail. When Del Toro shares his love for film, it’s always worth a listen. Going as far as saying Cooper’s first foray into the horror genre reminded him in the say way William Friedkin‘s first with The Exorcist. Strong words hopefully a tease we have a great film on the cards!

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In ANTLERS, a small-town Oregon teacher (Keri Russell) and her brother (Jesse Plemons), the local sheriff, discover that a young student (Jeremy T. Thomas) is harboring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences.
We do love horrors with a lot of atmosphere, gives an extra edge to the fear factor. The trailer doesn’t spoil anything or reveal too apart from the monster might be the boy’s father. Cooper can deliver the bleak cold tone like he did in Hostiles, that works perfectly in this genre. Del Toro’s influence on the film, gives the impression this film may be more a dark fairytale. When it’s based on Antosca’s own short story expect something uniquely strange!

The film stars Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons, Jeremy T.ThomasGraham Greene, Scott Haze, Rory Cochrane and Amy Madigan.

With Covid-19 forcing studios to reschedule more than once. Antlers latest release date is 19th February 2021, that’s for USA, just says ‘coming soon’ for UK.