The Walking Dead Season 10 Finally Gets An End Date! ‘More Episodes’?

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Are you ready for of the end of the world!? Even better are you ready to finally watch the long awaited The Walking Dead Season 10 finale aka episode 16?  Get your diaries and write in it Monday 5th October!

As you can see we’re in for an absolute treat. The hoard are closing in and they are in their thousands! Can Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside, The People of The Kingdom and The Others come together and be enough to survive Beta?

The Trailer we’ve already seen a lot of the footage with the exception of one scene. A scene with Beta rallying the troops (alive and not alive), ready for one big push towards the hospital. But can Daryl, Carol pull off the plan to stop The Whisperers once for all? Can Maggie come to the rescue?

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The Walking Dead’s Comic Com Panel was moderated by Talking Dead Host Chris  Hardwick. Joining Chris was many of the main cast along with showrunner Angela Kang, Director/Producer Greg Nicotero and franchise boss Scott Gimple.

The usual set up with The Walking Dead is that October a new series will start we’ll see the first 8 episodes, then in February  the  final 8 episodes will play. Covid-19 has stopped everything and Season 11 will sadly not launch until late 2021. It seems 6 new episodes will be made extending the current season, which is a good move. This will fill the gap between the season which looks like it will be at least 1 year and those episodes will aired in 2021. At the moment in Georgia no production has resumed but remotely the writers have been working away.

Angela Kang also hinted the final episode might introduce a very powerful faction, will this be The Commonwealth? Or a subfaction meaning it will be a spin-off the comic book version?

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air Monday October 5th at 9pm on FOX.