Terrence Malick Produced The Book Of Vision Gets A Trailer


Carlo S. Hintermann’s English language film  The Book Of Vision will open the 35th Venice International Film Critics’ Week. After getting a ‘first look’ at the film, today the film’s official Trailer is launched.

Terrence Malick is a filmmaker known for his reclusive nature making very few films. The veteran filmmaker is now lending a hand to Hintermann as an executive Producer and boy visually this looks vintage Malick. The director’s inspiration may not be similar films but you think: Back To The Future, The Goonies, Labyrinth. There films he grew up with but as he explains the structure is near same set up.

For this one we find ourselves in 18th Century with a story that examines the relationship between a promising young doctor and her mentor. Their lives bound by the Book of Vision which contains the stories of patients.

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Eva, a promising young doctor, leaves her brilliant career to study History of Medicine in a remote university. Now is the time for her to call everything into question: her nature, her body, her illness, and her sealed fate. Johan Anmuth is an 18th-century Prussian physician in perpetual conflict between the rise of rationalism and ancient forms of animism. The Book of Vision is a manuscript that sweeps these two existences up, blending them into a never-ending vortex. Far from a proper scientific text, the book contains the hopes, fears, and dreams of more than 1800 patients. Dr. Anmuth truly knew how to listen to his patients, whose spirits still wander through the pages, life and death, merging in a continuous flow. The story of Anmuth and his patients inspire Eva to live her life to the fullest. Nothing expires in its time. Only what you desire is real, not merely what happens.

The film stars Charles Dance, Lotte Verbeek, Sverrir Gudnason, Isolda Dychauk and Filippo Nigro.

The Book Of Vision will make it’s world premiere in Venice on 3rd September, Release date still to be confirmed.