Sunday Short Theatre – Watch Norteños (2018)

The name of this week’s Sunday Short Theatre pick Norteños, fools come in all shapes and sizes. Majority are outright stupid and foolish, for this film their just mild mannered.

The film is directed by film duo Grandmas, describing their film as a “microbudget exercise in writing characters and dialogue” (it was made for a grand total of £500). We do love it when filmmakers show you don’t have to splash the cash to create a good film and one that also looks superb too

In Norteños , ex-lovers Barry and Linda as they meet in a deserted social club near Linda’s apartment. She’s the kind of person who is still hurting from the last time she was taken advantage of; he’s a blue-suit-wearing softboi with a mullet who isn’t as innocent as he seems. They are tragically destined for each other.

Our mild mannered fool Barry looks like a Paul Calf  (Steve Coogan) wannabe. Mumbles a lot and from North West England, his ex Linda does look like she has some brains. She should probably talk him out of his ‘plans’, then again she does act like a bit of loose cannon  too. Deadpan, very silly fun  film, enjoy…

Barry, a mild mannered fool from somewhere in the Northwest attempts to elicit the help of his ex-girlfriend after brutally murdering his grandmother with a hammer.

The film stars Daniel Watson, Chelsea O’Connor, Shane Dickinson.

Source: ShortOfTheWeek