Sunday Short Theatre: Watch Animated Short ‘Change Return’

Vending machines are everywhere, they sell everything and the Japanese love them. What if there they’ll be a time in our lives those basic necessities like healthcare are sold via a vending machine? In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, Robert Findly‘s Short film Change Return those things you’ll get them form ….vending machines.

Only premiered online a few days ago by the director online, this animated short you should watch with knowing very little. It is only five minutes long and we find ourselves in in a near future  and a underground city.  A man has a cunning plan to get a cheap meal thanks to one of these vending machines.

Getting stuff from vending machines may sound laughable, but we already do get a lot of things from machines.  Man and machine are getting closer, just look at our mobile phones we do much on them. That relationship threatens our high streets /shopping areas, so why not vending machines?

As I said best going into this one knowing very little about the film, better get yourself some law enforcement help. That vending machine doesn’t give change!

In an underground city, where services such as healthcare and law enforcement are delegated to local vending machines, a man finds a crafty way to buy a cheap meal.

Film by Robert Findlay with sound engineering by Andrew Findlay.

Source: ShortOftheweek

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