Sunday Short Theatre – Watch Animated Short ‘Bloeistraat 11’


This delightful animated short debuted at the 2018 Annecy Film Festival. If the premiere animation film festival is perfect cue to pick this one for Sunday Short Theatre, ‘Bloeistraat 11‘.

The film is directed by Rotterdam based Nienke Deutz, it’s a coming of age animation seen through two best of friends. The setting is the last summer the pair as children, we see them having funding spending time together. As the days progress so do their bodies as they transcend into puberty and with that becomes awkwardness. Essentially we are watching these two friends grow up and life interrupting their bond, their friendship.

The film’s title translates to “Flowering Street” in English. Visually wonderful and the director uses a fascinating animation technique to portray relatable themes of human discovery and growth.

Inseparable best friends spend their last summer holiday of childhood amusing themselves around the house. As summer progresses, their bodies start to morph and shift, and an awkwardness descends on their friendship. Puberty seems determined to interrupt their bond.

You can learn a little more about this film and the techniques used over at Vimeo’s Premiere Picks page for the films. At this page along with the director they go into the set up of the film. At the director’s own website there is a short two minute video goes behind the scenes too.

Source: Vimeo Picks