Sunday Short Theatre – Born Like A Bullet

As I’ve said many times and will to the final day of The Peoples Movies, we love all types of films. Short film especially as it’s a great platform to experiment in styles and genres. For this week’s Sunday Short Theatre we have something slightly different, Born Like A Bullet.

Directed by Jimmy Fernandez and Christian González S. delivers the magic via song and dance. It’s a film that’s about the awareness of the Latino heritage, culture. Also highlighting the discrimination, the harassment many Latinos have faced too.

There’s been a number of films (full length and short film) that have used dance. Pablo Larrain‘s EMA but the one that may connect with this film is Jonathan Glazer’s Strasbourg 1518.

“Born Like a Bullet” is a collaboration project which combines poetry, dance, music & film, all in one, with the objective of creating awareness of our latino heritage and our rights as citizens of the world. Matthew Hernandez, award winning poet, and Doyoh Dance Studio tailored their work specially for this piece giving it a authentic vibe that transmits the message in a very authentic manner. Like our black brothers, we have faced social discrimination and constant harassment during the years. We´ve had enough. With this musical film we want to let the world know that we are proud of being latinos.

The dancers performing Nicolás Cancino, Diego Gonzalez (Diao), Sebastián Sepúlveda (Dranzer), Matías (Matirocka), Patricio Infanta, Camila Hurtado, Nicolás Oteiza (Nayck), Thati Nava, Roberto Álvarez (Sytro), Nayan Curilen, Assef (Puerto Montt)

Source: Film Shortage

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