Summer Lovin’ The Grease Prequel Gets A Director

There’s some films you never expect to happen, like a Grease prequel. Just over a year ago Paramount Pictures announced they were working a prequel, today we learn that film now has a director!

Deadline are reporting the prequel which will be called Summer Lovin’ will be directed by Heart Beats Loud director Brett Haley.

The 1978 original film is highly regarded as a ‘classic’  by many, not necessarily as a critical success but for it’s entertainment value. 42 years after it’s release those songs  are sung and cherished globally from every party to karaoke bar, they’ll be at least one song sung.  The film starred a very young John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Travolta played bad boy Danny and Newton-John as good girl Sandy, who become young lovebirds from opposite sides of the tracks who, after sharing a summer fling, discover they go to the same high school.

Summer Lovin’  will be based around the lyrics of one of the original film’s songs, Summer Nights. It will be set around the the very first meeting between Danny and Sandy which establish what would become the film people cherish nowadays.

Little do we know about the story pre-Grease, and this film hopes to fill those gaps . But the burning question who will play Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson? Will there be some de-ageing  going on? Can they replicate those magical songs with new memorable songs? That job will be down to Brett Haley and Leah MacKendrick (who’ll write the script).