Listen To Episode 127 Of Outside Centre Film Podcast

New month, which means another episode of the Outside Centre Film Podcast. Thankfully we had no problems recording July’s episode 127  and now you can hear the episode in it’s full glory. An episode that takes us from Finland to Italy and ending in Romania…

We begin with Finnish BDSM film Dogs Don’t Wear Pants, a medical professional gets drawn into the world of BDSM as a means to getting over the death of his wife.
Next, Italian dramedy Parasdise, directed by Davide Del Degan, making his first full length feature film here. It’s about Calogero who gets relocated to Northern Italy on a witness protection program after seeing a murder taking place in his native Sicily. Sooner rather than later his past quickly catches up with him however.
We end wish a look at The Whistlers, Gomo award winner as well as being at Cannes 2019 and being Romania’s entry for the Foreign Language Oscar this year. It follows Cristi who goes to the Canary Islands to learn the whistling language of the natives, in order for him to secretly converse with the mafia and enable the release of boss Zsolt.
We will have an web version of The Whistlers review  coming later this month, which is out to own in the UK and Ireland from Curzon Artificial Eye on DVD from 3rd August.

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