In Blind UK Trailer Your Never Truly Alone

Earlier today Frightfest revealed their 2020 Arrow Video Frightfest line up. One of the film’s making it’s UK premiere at the festival will be Blind. Signature Entertainment will be releasing the film and we get a chance to see their UK Trailer teasing ‘your never truly alone’!

The film is taking an old school slasher flick to the hills of Hollywood. A story of an actress who looses her sight and career. Her friend and mute physical trainer, Luke support her and she opens up.Meanwhile down in the basement she is not alone as a masked ‘pretty boy’ stranger waits to make her life hell.

This film seems to be a passion project for the film’s director Marcel Walz (Blood Feast). Who had a dream, now you can watch his dream online at Frightfest

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Faye is a former actress who lost her vision, and starry career, due to botched laser eye surgery. Struggling to put her lonely and panic-stricken life back together while living alone in her Hollywood Hills dream house, she’s supported by her visually impaired friend Sophia, and her mute physical trainer, Luke. However, what none of them are aware of is the infatuated stranger secretly living in her basement. And the masked Pretty Boy doesn’t wait until dark to finally make his move. 

The film stars Sarah French, Jed Rowen, Caroline Williams, Tyler Gallant.

Blind will make it’s UK Premiere at 2020 Arrow Video Frightfest Digital Edition on Saturday 29th August (1800 hours BST). The festival is geo-locked for UK viewers only, so you can own the film from November courtesy of Signature Entertainment‘s Frightfest Presents.