Hilary Swank Is Mars Bound In ‘Away’ First Trailer

Great advancements and personal sacrifices are on the list as Hilary Swank misses her family in the First Trailer for Away. The Netflix Originals series might be a couple of months away but today we get a glimpse into the drama that promises plenty of emotions.

Swank plays Emma Green a former Navy pilot turned Astronaut who is leading an international team on Earth’s first mission to Mars. The mission will keep them away from loved ones for at least three years testing their relationships as the world watches.

The set up reminds me a little of Alice Winnecour‘s Proxima of Astronaut Mother going into space. This time everyone is in space and plays on living apart. The upcoming series we don’t know if it will be a Limited run series or a full continuous series. We can see elements of The Martian, Moon, even Gravity….

From Executive Producer Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights), the Netflix series Away is a thrilling, emotional drama on an epic scale that celebrates the incredible advancements humans can achieve and the personal sacrifices they must make along the way. As American astronaut Emma Green (Hilary Swank) prepares to lead an international crew on the first mission to Mars, she must reconcile her decision to leave behind her husband (Josh Charles) and teenage daughter (Talitha Bateman) when they need her the most. As the crew’s journey into space intensifies, their personal dynamics and the effects of being away from their loved ones back on Earth become increasingly complex. Away shows that sometimes to reach for the stars, we must leave home behind.

BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Ray Panthaki (Gangs of London, Marcella, Colette) also stars as series regular Ram Arya, an Air Force fighter pilot from India, second-in-command to Emma and the crew’s medic.

The series also stars Talitha Bateman, Mark Ivanir, Ato Essandoh, Ray Panthaki, Vivian Wu, and Monique Curnen.

Away Premieres on Netflix Friday, September 4th.