Halloween Kills Gets First Teaser And Release Date!

As we wait patiently for cinemas to re-open safely, many film’s fates remain undecided. So news of films like Halloween Kills rescheduling release dates are becoming a normality. In the small hours of this morning  Universal Pictures released the first (UK) Teaser Trailer for the long awaited sequel to Halloween Reboot.

The teaser is short and teases three generations of Strode family (Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak) escaping the setting of the first film. However  going towards the scene are the emergency services…’Let it burn!’

As we said at the beginning, Halloween Kills won’t arrive until October 2021 now. Check out the short teaser then read the statement from Film director David Gordon Green and franchise creator John Carpenter...

From David Gordon Green and John Carpenter.
We write this to you heartbroken over the fact that the delay of our film is even a discussion, but if there’s one thing that a career in the film industry has prepared us for, it is the unexpected. Over the past few weeks, our film family has looked at the forecast of theatrical exhibition with obvious concern. We have discussed and struggled with how best to present “Halloween Kills” to the loyal fans around the world, as well as the new audience we hope to invite to this experience.

It was a wild and vibrant production. We lined up a cast of legacy characters like Laurie and Tommy, Lindsey, Lonnie, Marion, Brackett and The Shape, then alongside some new faces, we aggressively made the second chapter of our “Halloween” trilogy. It unfolded into an experience that was a creative playground and we feel confident that our misfit pleasures will be seen as an unexpected entry into this franchise.

If we release it in October of this year as planned, we have to face the reality that the film would be consumed in a comprised theatrical experience. After weighing our options, we have chosen to push the film’s theatrical release by one year.

On top of a traditional release, Universal has agreed to an IMAX presentation of the film in October 2021. We are sound mixing with one of the greatest design teams that can slash, scream and creep their way under your skin. We’re going to have time to complete the film with the quality that fans deserve. And preparation on “Halloween Ends” has begun as well.

It is an honor to be working with these characters and spending time in Haddonfield. We look forward to sharing our next chapters with you.

Halloween Kills will be in UK and Irish cinemas from 21st October.