First Look At Terrence Malick Produced The Book Of Vision

The Book of Vision, directed by Carlo S. Hintermann and Terrence Malick as Executive Producer, will officially open the 35th Venice International Film Critic’s Week.

The film stars Charles Dance, star of the TV series Game of Thrones, Lotte Verbeek (The Black List, Outlander, The Borgias), Sverrir Gudnason (Borg vs McEnroe), Isolda Dychauk (The Borgias, Faust, TwoGirls) and Italian actor Filippo Nigro star in Citrullo International’s first feature film.

The film marks Carlo S.Hintermann‘s directorial feature debut who has a background in documentaries. He has also worked on Malick’s Tree Of Life and he much of the crew worked on Malick’s other films. Jörg Widmer (A Hidden Life) is cinematographer, with production design from David Crank. David has worked on everything from The New World, There Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice, The Master, To the Wonder, Knives Out.

The film is described as a mix of Barry Lyndon and Labyrinth. A fascinating journey through the past and present, life and afterlife, profound sorrow and unconditional love.

Below is a Trio of first look images from the film as well as a Clip

Eva, a promising young doctor, leaves her brilliant career to study History of Medicine in a remote university. Now is the time for her to call everything into question: her nature, her body, her illness, and her sealed fate. Johan Anmuth is an 18th-century Prussian physician in perpetual conflict between the rise of rationalism and ancient forms of animism. The Book of Vision is a manuscript that sweeps these two existences up, blending them into a never-ending vortex. Far from a proper scientific text, the book contains the hopes, fears, and dreams of more than 1800 patients. Dr. Anmuth truly knew how to listen to his patients, whose spirits still wander through the pages, life and death, merging in a continuous flow. The story of Anmuth and his patients inspire Eva to live her life to the fullest. Nothing expires in its time. Only what you desire is real, not merely what happens.