Film Review – The Departure (2020)

I liked The Departure, however be prepared to wince at the unusual circumstances this particular threesome finds themselves in order to test loyalty of love.

When a seemingly happy Los Angeles couple Nate (Grant Wright Gunderson) and Jessica (Kendall Chappell) decide it may be time to move in together it’s time to pop the champagne.

Immediately the following day Nate is offered a huge promotion at his advertising firm with the ultimatum he must work out of the New York office.

He accepts with the ‘kind of’ blessing from his loving girlfriend, however it was is the first in a series of weird predicaments to the plot, Nate devises a strategy with his best mate John (Austen Lauer) to attempt to seduce Jessica and test her loyalty.

Then of course, because John already admires and is friends with Jessica, he falls in love with her while on the job pretending to gain affection.

Meanwhile John has been on and off again dating Amber (Olivia Lemmon) the most normal and likable person in the entire film until she is uncomfortably brushed and disappears.

For what it is worth, I’ll refrain from revealing the outcome of this ultra-low budget awkward love triangle, it’s worth a look, remains intriguing enough throughout but not a date night movie.

Writer, debut Director Merland Hoxha expands from his original short film.

Memorable in Newly Single (2017) Olivia Lemmon is simply the best on show but underused, former tennis player Kendall Chappell, establishes herself smartly in some draining emotive scenes, her acting brimming with potential.

None of the three-gentleman rounding out the cast fare as well.

★★ 1/2 | @Movie_Analyst

Drama | USA, 2020 | NC | Amazon Prime | Dir.Merland Hoxha | Grant Wright Gunderson, Kendall Chappell, Austin Lauer