Fear The Walking Dead Reveals Season 6 Trailer

The Walking Dead fans 24th July has been a day you’ve been looking forward too. The main show finally got it’s Season 10 finale date, The Walking Dead: World Beyond got it’s Premiere and so did The Fear The Walking Dead.

Earlier today The cast and the showrunners for the show along with their franchise boss (Scott Gimple) chatting about the upcoming season 6. The burning question, will Morgan survive his drastic bloody ending end of season 5? Off course his fate won’t be revealed in the Official Trailer for the new season which is below. What the Panel did reveal the British actor will be making his directorial debut in season six, joining fellow cast member Colman Domingo, who will be directing his third episode this season.

What the trailer does do reveal footage that Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Strand (Colman Domingo) are being held captive. The leader of the shows current villains, Virginia (Colby Minifie) has put a bounty out on Morgan, does that mean he’s still alive? It seems he’s the man with the red eye, has he turned about to?

Here’s the Trailer…

During the Panel, Gimple revealed a lot about what we can expect in the new season. There’s going to be time jumps and the series taking a more anthology direction.

Here’s what co-showrunner Ian Goldberg said about the new direction “The exciting thing is, I think you’re going very surprised by the way these characters react in these new circumstances.Tonally, I think you can probably tell from watching the trailer – it is going be a darker season. No doubt about it because of the way these characters are going to be tested.”

The other thing we’re really excited about is that we’re going to have an anthology structure to the episodes, where we get to deep dive into exactly what these characters are going through within Virginia’s communities, within the style of episodes we’ve done in the past that we’ve loved… You’re going to see a lot more of that kind of storytelling in season six.”

If you want to watch the whole of the comic-con panel, here’s all 57 minutes of the panel

The trailer looks very strong. We love the fact it’s going for a darker tone possibly reflecting the main show, could both shows be closing to merging? Or even doing a crossover episode possibly setting up the Rick Grimes films? Exciting times ahead.

Fear the Walking Dead season six premieres Monday 12th October, at 9pm on AMC UK