Fear Goes Viral In Frightfest Bound ‘Hall’ Trailer

We live in strange times especially with the world wide pandemic still causing havoc. Francesco Giannini’s debut virus Horror feature ‘Hall‘will certainly resonate, check out the film’s Trailer.

The tells the story of pregnant Japanese woman escaping a abusive relationship finds herself trapped in a hotel, thanks to a unknown airborne virus. Her and the the hotel guests  must fight for survival as well as find her daughter.

It’s a strange coincidence that our film is coming out at the same time as the devastating Covid-19 crisis,” says director Francesco Giannini.I never thought that the fictional story of virus contagion we’ve created in ‘Hall’ would become a reflection of reality within such a close time frame between the release of the film and the pandemic occurring right now. However, the ideas and themes explored in the movie have been in my thought process for a while due to the previous virus outbreaks I’ve had witnessed,” he adds.

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When a hotel hallway is ravaged by a dreadful airborne virus, pregnant Japanese runaway wife Naomi is tragically thrust into the fight of her life. After getting infected, she wants to escape but is forced to crawl her way through other helpless and scattered victims. In the room next door stays Val, a mother trapped in a toxic marriage. Val must also navigate her way out of the hotel and walk through the long and narrow stretch of isolated carnage, all while desperately looking for her young daughter Kelly and keeping out of sight of the remaining contagious sufferers. Will these two women get out of there alive?

Starring Japanese star Yumiko Shaku as Naomi, Carolina Bartczak as Val, Mark Gibson as Branden, Julian Richings as Julian and Bailey Thain as Kelly

Hall‘ doesn’t have a release date just yet. However you can watch the film make it’s World Premiere at Arrow video Frightfest on 30th August.