Watch The UK Trailer For Indie Drama Alice


Her husband took everything. Now she’s taking back her life. Alice, the debut feature film from multiple award-winning writer and director Josephine Mackerras, is set for an UK Digital release.

In this one Alice’s (Emilie Piponnier), thought her marriage was good. But then she learns her so called husband (Martin Swabey) spends all their money on prostitutes.Forcing her to take the matters into her own hands and become an high class escort.

I could probably think of several words about her husband. But he’s not worth it and this film is all about a character study on our titular leading lady. Playing the female self-determination and the threat of destitution, plus the small matter of having a child. You want to keep a roof over their heads most of all a slice of independence so you can walk out on the rat you call your husband.

Today Eureka Entertainment announced they will release the film and released the UK Trailer.

Happily married Alice’s (Emilie Piponnier) life is turned upside down when she discovers her husband (Martin Swabey) has spent all their money on prostitutes and they are now a year behind on their mortgage. In a last-ditch bid to support herself and her child, Alice becomes a high-end escort, which challenges her perceptions of life and love. At times bitterly funny but always brutally honest, the film traces Alice’s journey to her own kind of freedom.

Writer-director Josephine Mackerras’ powerful debut feature won the Grand Jury Award at last year’s SXSW, and the ‘Spirit of The Festival Award’ at the 27th Raindance Film Festival, and stars Emilie Piponnier in a breakout performance.

The film also stars Chloé Boreham, Ariana Rodriguez Giraldo and Juliette Tresanini.

Alice will be released on selected digital platforms (Curzon Home Cinema, The BFI Player, Amazon Prime Video) from 24 July 2020.