Watch The Brilliant The Power Of Cinema Wagman Studios Movie Tribute


Hands up if your missing cinema? We are! Off course the current worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic is preventing us heading to the cinema and rightly so many cinefiles are concerned about the safety in returning. There is also the small matter of many upcoming movies are either not finished production or stuck in post-production.

Whatever your views, we can all agree the impact movies have on us all. It’s magical, pure escapism and in a time when our mental health concerns are been tested, the big screen has it’s medicinal properties too.

Wagman Studios aka Jed Wagman, London based video content creator whom we love his annual movie mashups has just sent us this superb video. ‘The Power Of Cinema‘ a brilliant celebration of film over a 100 years, celebrating our love for the movies. Through a selection of clips from classic and classic films, famous quotes, much more.

If you’ve enjoyed his previous videos this one will go down a treat…

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Films are so powerful and they can achieve so much so I have made this short tribute highlighting this.

I have tried to include the best and most popular films, scenes and quotes from over 100 years of movies. I tried to include as many as I could and naturally, there are some big films that I was unable to include so apologies if your favourite film isn’t in this.

I also wanted to keep the aspect ratio of each film in its original form as each film is a piece of art and the aspect ratio was specifically chosen as such for each film. There were only 1 or 2 instances where I had to change the aspect ratio in order to make the transition smoother.

I did my best to find high quality clips however this was not always possible, particular for some of the older films.