The Possession Only The Beginning In The Assent

Did you know every possession has three acts? First is the Possession, second the affliction and third The Assent. After making it’s World Premiere at 2019 Toronto After Dark Film Festival Pearry Reginald Teo‘s Supernatural thriller is coming to the UK.

The Assent stars Robert Kazinksy (Pacific Rim, Eastenders) as a single father struggling with his own mental health. He fears his son is possessed and must seek the help of a priest seeking his own redemption.

Possession horrors maybe ten a penny, this one promises to rise above those other ‘possession’ films. Looks dark, disturbing and twisted and we’re sold on this one. Relent to the darkness and watch the UK Trailer...

In this fresh new horror, single father Joel (Robert Kazinsky, Pacific Rim, Captain Marvel) suspects his young son may be possessed. Struggling with his own mental health, he can’t be sure what’s real, and what exists in his imagination. He is aided by Father Lambert (Peter Jason, Deadwood, They Live) who seeks his own redemption after serving prison time for the death of a child during a failed exorcism. Lambert believes the boy has been marked by the Devil himself and, without intervention, Joel could lose his son forever.

From the executive producers of Texas Chainsaw and Day of the Dead, The Assent is a new tale of supernatural terror from multi award-winning writer and director Pearry Reginald Teo (The Evil Inside, The Gene Generation).

The film also stars Peter Jason, Caden Dragomer, Florence Faivre, Hannah Ward and Douglas Spain.

Dazzler Media presents The Assent on DVD & Digital Download from 27th July 2020.

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