Sunday Short Theatre – Spice Frontier (2020)

To the crew of the Starship Enterprise, space was the ‘final frontier’. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, in Spice Frontier humanity is desperate to experience what culinary delights our ancestors experienced.

Spice Frontier is an 8-minute animated short film from Steamroller Studios. It tells the story of Kent Williams and his cyborg companion, C-LA, as they traverse the cosmos in search of rare Earth spices.

Before the lockdown the film was touring the festival circuit, possibly any fortunate festivals in the future including online. It’s wom  several awards and selections. If you read about the studios hopes for the short film this  is merely an introduction to the much larger world of Spice Frontier. A veritable universe of lore, planets, politics, history, and characters is currently being developed. With a full-fledged animated TV series!
Spice Frontier takes place centuries after Earth’s annihilation by an alien species called the Krivins. It is the story of a chef named Kent Williams, who dreams of finding the lost spices of his Human ancestors so he can share the joy of Earth’s forgotten recipes with the universe.

Before the arrival of the Krivins brought about the destruction of Earth, a great interplanetary migration took place. Many of the migrating colonies brought with them their cultures’ most cherished spices. Following years of research, Kent has mapped out the likely location of these lost Human communities who have spread to all corners of the universe.

Onboard their ship the Serrano, Kent is joined by Eloy, a Faarian mechanic who designed and built the vessel. Their highly-skilled pilot is C-LA, a super-advanced, virtually indestructible cyborg assassin. Ada, a young botanist with a secret family history, assists Kent in tracking down and identifying plant species. Two former adversaries also call the Serrano home: an infamous hacker and technical genius named Modari, and a deadly mechanoid called Nexus.

Kent and his crew traverse the cosmos looking for rare Earth spices, but that is only the beginning of their adventures. They will come to know the diversity of the universe and its 39 known alien species, experience the wonder and danger of its myriad fantastical worlds and creatures, and face the threat to their lives as they learn that they are being hunted by a ghost from C-LA’s past.

source: Shortoftheweek / Spice Frontier website