Naomi Kawase’s True Mothers Unveils Short Teaser Trailer

Naomi Kawase‘s has over the past years a staple of Cannes Film Festival. Before her films go on any promotion, ground zero is always the French Riviera. So it was no surprise to read her latest film True Mothers (Asa Ga Kuru) was heading to the festival and probably in Palme d’Or.

The film based on the Mizuki Tsujimura’s novel of the same name. We follow a young couple struggling to conceive a child due to infertility. After a long battle to have a baby biologically, they decide to take the adoption route. Six years after they adopted a young girl, a woman appears claiming she is the child’s biological mother…looking for money.

The trailer is short, playing more like a TV Spot. It tip toes into the true love the parents have for the child and how their world now settled is shattered.

As it’s early days for the films promotion so there is a few film festivals such as Venice or Toronto film festival where it could make it’s world premiere. Depending if any of the remaining festivals run may depend on when True Mothers will be released.

True Mothers (Asa Ga Kuru) stars Arata Iura.

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