Hugh Jackman stars as Gary Hart in Columbia Pictures' THE FRONT RUNNER.

Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman is going to race in a Ferrari

The famous actor is in talks to star in Michael Mann’s upcoming film about fast wheels.

After the recent success of Le Mans ’66 we can look forward to another based-on-true-events biographic racing movie. Heat or Last of the Mohicans director Michael Mann is finally going to shoot his long-gossiped movie Ferrari that is going to focus on Italian motorsport legend Enzo Ferrari. What is even more exciting, a Hollywood star Hugh Jackman (best-known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men saga) has been officially offered a lead role in the project. The mix of Hugh’s versatile acting and Michael’s talent for epic action scenes sounds as a perfect recipe for the great film.

Mann, who also co-wrote the flick (together with the late Scottish screenwriter Troy Kennedy-Martin), will give a virtual presentation to buyers at the online version of the Cannes film market tomorrow (23 June 2020). The filming is scheduled to launch in spring 2021. “The real power of this piece is in the emotionally charged lives of these people in complex, extreme circumstances. In addition, there is the explosive power and lethal beauty of racing,” told Michael Mann in recent interview to Deadline. The filmmaker had idea for this movie in his mind for the last 20 years. Will his team convince Jackman to join this adventurous ride?

The plot of Ferrari is based on the book Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine by an American author Brock Yates. Its story should take us back to 1957, when famous entrepreneur was dealing with major financial difficulties, as well as with troubles in his personal life. In an effort to put his company back on the wheels, Enzo Ferrari accepted the challenge to participate in a risky 1000-mile race across Italy called “1957 Mille Miglia”. The dangerous car competition is expected to be a key theme of the upcoming movie.