Horror Film THE WRETCHED Is Breaking Box Office Records

Reigning at the top of the Film Box office is nothing unusual for the tentpole films like the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. If anything topping the box office especially the US Box Office is mandatory for these films. We expect these big films to dominate the box office Step forward the horror film, The Wretched.

The film has held the prestigious top spot for five weekends in a row, having played across 59 cinemas in the US (mostly drive-ins). In the USA, arthouse distributor IFC Films has been distributing the film, here in the UK it’s Vertigo Releasing. Topping the most prestigious film box office even one week is a fabulous feat for any film most of all an indie film.

Off course cinemas are closed and will be closed until there’s some sort of social distancing is fixed for cinemas. The one ray of light of this dreadful pandemic, smaller independent films are getting more coverage. A great chance for anyone who may not watch much outside of mainstream film to see experience that there’s a wonderful world to discover and enjoy.

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The film tells the story of a rebellious teenage boy, Ben, visiting his father for the summer makes a haunting discovery — A malevolent fiend from the deep woods stalks the young family living next door. Taking ahold of the mother, the creature begins playing a terrifying game of house while preying upon the local children. Alone in his suspicions, Ben launches into a perilous crusade to stop the wretched evil before it consumes everything he holds dear.

The Wretched stars John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda, Jamison Jones.  The film is available from the usual digital retailers.

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