Film Review – Vivarium (2020)

Expect the unexpected by avoiding any kind of spoilers going into this electrifyingly eerie thriller which starts out as a story of young love until twisted into a cosmic endurance of torment.

Beginning as a normal afternoon, admired school teacher Gemma meets up with her laid back handyman boyfriend Tom.
Keen to be in the market to buy a property, they head off to a display office where the local estate agent Martin, encourages the pair to follow him for a look over a new housing estate.

Some things don’t seem quite right with weird, jittery, over friendly Martin, followed by driving into the geometrical identical buildings lining picture perfect colour coordinated suburbia streets.

Instead of bailing out immediately, Gemma and Tom reluctantly follow Martin in and around property number 9, until he abruptly vacates the premises abandoning the couple to their frustration and bewilderment.

Literally driving around in circles they cannot find the way out, always ending back at door number 9, then when running out of petrol at nightfall they have no choice but to stay inside.

To say much more would ruin some of the revelations and David Lynch style dreamscape frights that simmer away in the captivating Vivarium.

When an actual baby is delivered in a box with a note of ultimatum, the obscurity rises.

Unforgettable in, Frank & Lola (2018) Green Room (2015) and believe it or not hilarious in underrated, Popstar Never stop Never Stopping (2016) the great Imogen Poots, delivers an astonishing performance switching thought processes and movements into a minor acting masterclass.

Jesse Eisenberg, just as dedicated and somewhat comical in the odd situations. Atmospheric score from Kristian Eidnes Andersen another highlight within this purposely slow, discussion prompting indie written / directed by Lorcan Finnegan.

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Horror, Mystery | Ireland, 2019 | 15 | DVD | Vertigo Releasing | 8th June 2020 (UK) | Dir. Lorcan Finnegan | Imogen Poots, Jesse Eisneberg, Jonathan Aris, Eanna Hardwicke, Senan Jennings