June 8, 2023

Credit: Altitude Film Entertainment

Descend Into Fear In Black Water: Abyss UK Trailer


If anyone tells you it’s a short swim in Australian Thriller Black Water: Abyss, don’t trust them! Today Altitude Films have released the UK Trailer for the film as adventure seeking couples fight for their lives against crocodiles!

If you enjoyed the highly underrated The Descent and last year’s Crawl, this film will be like a treat for you. The film is the long awaited sequel to the 2007 Black Water from Andrew Traucki. The filmmaker is no stranger to the horror genre with big creatures, with The Jungle, The Reef and ABC’s Of Death.

The film follows a group of adventurers who decide to explore a remote cave system in Northern Australia. The adventure turns into a fight for survival as themselves hunted by very hungry Crocs!

BLACK WATER: ABYSS sees adventure-seeking couple Eric (Luke Mitchell, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Jennifer (Jessica McNamee, THE MEG) convincing their friends Yolanda (Amali Golden, THE INVISIBLE MAN) and Viktor (Benjamin Hoetjes, 10×10) to explore an uncharted cave system, in remote North Australia, with the help of the unpredictable Cash (Anthony J. Sharpe, ROBERT THE BRUCE) as their guide.

When a tropical storm floods the caves, the adventurers are trapped in the dark recesses underground, cut off from the outside world. As the waters rise they soon realise they aren’t alone, and their desperate attempt to escape turns into a frantic man and woman versus crocodile fight for survival.

The film stars Jessica McNamee, Luke Mitchell, Amali Golden, Benjamin Hoetjes, and Anthony J. Sharpe.

Black Water: Abyss will be released on 10th July, In English Cinemas. However For the rest of the UK hopefully won’t be far behind as we wait re-opening date.

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