June 9, 2023

A New Second UK Trailer For Zombie For Sale Released


In a couple of weeks time, Lee Min-jae’s very funny Zom-Com Zombie For Sale will be out in the UK. Arrow Video wanted to give us one more reminder why we should check it out with an second UK Trailer.

In this one , Korea’s biggest Pharmaceutical company are involved in illegal human experimenting and one of their test subjects escapes. He ends up at a small family run rural gas station who hustle to make ends meet. When  our ‘undead’ visitor bites one of the family, he doesn’t kill them. His bite acts like a fountain of youth, the family have a plan that’s destined to go wrong.

Ok this may not sound highly original, you would be correct. What makes this one and previous other Korean Zombie flicks it’s in the execution of the storyline. It’s seriously stupid most of all entertaining!

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When the illegal human experiments of Korea’s biggest Pharmaceutical company go wrong, one of their “undead” test subjects escapes and ends up in a shabby gas station owned by the Park family – a band of misfits spanning three generations who hustle passers-by to make ends meet. When the Park family uncover their undead visitor, he bites the head of their household, who instead of transforming into an undead ghoul becomes revitalised and full of life! The family then hatch a plan to exploit this unexpected fountain of youth, allowing locals to pay to be bitten too, until things go wrong…

With a cabbage-munching zombie who prefers ketchup over blood, and a dysfunctional family that gives the Kim family of Parasite a run for their money, Zombie for Sale will warm the deadest of hearts and breathe some new life into the zombie genre.

The film stars Jung Jae-young, Kim Nam-gil and Uhm Ji-won.

Zombie for Sale will arrive in the UK and Ireland on via The Arrow Video Streaming Channel(UK&USA) from 1st July. Blu-Ray release in the UK and Ireland will be 6th July.

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