101 Films Releasing Lost Transmissions Starring Simon Pegg In UK

If your looking to see Simon Pegg star give an off-kilter performance, check out Lost Transmissions. After the film made it’s UK Premiere at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, 101 Films have picked up the UK rights. The film will debut later this month!

The U.S indie is directed by Katharine O’Brien and the film is inspired by her own experiences of mental illness.
An intimate look at human emotions and the devastating reality of treating mental illness in a system that doesn’t seem equipped to deal with it. The film is shot entirely on hand-held camera, creating a naturalistic look that captures the immediacy of the characters’ experiences as well as the energy of modern-day Los Angeles.

Next to Simon Pegg the film stars Juno Temple who plays Hannah who is an aspiring self-consciousness song writer. She forms a friendship with Theo an established music producer and when things start to flow creatively, Theo changes.

Not an easy watch and when I watched it at Glasgow Film Festival, the film touched a few heart strings.Check out the film’s UK Trailer

At a party in Los Angeles one evening, aspiring songwriter Hannah (Juno Temple) finds herself at the piano, singing nervously alongside Theo (Simon Pegg), an established music producer with an infectiously joyous spirit. Despite Hannah’s self-consciousness, her talent is evident to Theo, who suggests they get together to record some tracks. But just as their friendship and creative partnership are taking off, Theo suddenly changes. He becomes distant and starts talking about secret messages transmitted through radio static. Hannah soon learns that he is schizophrenic, and when he goes off his medication, his delusions and paranoia take over. When Theo’s condition worsens and he starts alienating colleagues in the insular L.A. music scene, Hannah sticks by him, determined to keep him from throwing away his career—and his life. She chases him through Los Angeles, trying to get him into treatment, and comes face-to-face with the frustrating inadequacies of America’s health care system, all while balancing the demands of her own blossoming career writing songs for Dana Lee (Alexandra Daddario), a shiny, pre-packaged pop star in need of a new hit.

The film also stars Alexandra Daddario and Rebecca Hazlewood.

Lost Transmissions will be released on digital 29th June 2020 in the UK and Ireland.