Watch Atom Egoyan’s Guest Of Honour UK Trailer

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Curzon Artificial Eye have released the UK Trailer for  Atom Eyogan’s Guest Of Honour. The film stars David Thewlis and all he wants to know is the ‘truth’.

The film made it’s world premiere at last year’s Venice Film Festival, which Curzon picked up the UK rights, despite the mixed reviews. like majority of upcoming new films, this one was originally mean’t to be released last month in the UK. Thanks to Covid-19 the film has now moved onto Curzon Home  Cinema Service with release next month.

Guest Of Honour is set in Canada we follow Jim (David Thewlis) a food inspector and Veronica (Laysla De Oliveira) who is a high school teacher. When a prank at school goes wrong, Veronica finds herself in prison despite evidence showing she shouldn’t be behind bars. With her saying she should be in jail, Jim like any parent fights for justice for his daughter. As he fights, past wrongs come back to haunt the pair stopping Veronica been released early.

Despite the mixed reviews, David Thewlis is one of those British actors who deserves more credit. His versatility is under appreciated, he’s in the same fame as Timothy Spall great talent. This one deserves a watch…

A man’s daughter is a high school teacher who is accused of abusing her position of authority with a student. When Veronica rebuffs Jim’s attempts to secure her early release, Jim begins to take out his frustrations through his work as a food inspector.

The film co-stars Rossif Sutherland, Alexandre Bourgeois and Luke Wilson.

Guest Of Honour is set for release by Curzon Home Cinema from 5th June.