The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo TV Show In The Works

Missing Lisbeth Salander? Disappointed by her last big screen incarnation? Fear not  Amazon is in the process of bringing The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo series according to Variety.

The series will be  centred  on Lisbeth Salander, the character created by Stieg Larsson for the so-called Millenium books. It seems the series will keep the original film’s name for now and this franchise is no stranger to television. In 2010 a 6 part TV mini series version of the films called Millenium was released in Sweden.

The report states “The project, which is currently titled “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” will not be a sequel or continuation of the story from the books or the films into which they were adapted. It will instead take Salander and place her in today’s world with a wholly new setting, new characters, and a new story”.

Noomi Rapace was the original Salander, with Rooney Mara David Fincher’s  and Claire Foy  Fede Alvarez’s Salander. Who will play our unhinged hacker heroine we don’t know yet same with any of the other characters. The producers behind The Crown are involved in this project, could they target Claire Foy? The Girl In The Spider’s Web was based on the first book written post Stieg Larsson’s death by David Lagercrantz.

It will be interesting to see what direction they’ll take this. Will Lisbeth  be younger or older? You can bet the series will take in the ever changing technology and dangers that lurk within it too. For fans of the books and the films, a lot of the success of this series will all be down to who they pick to the lead character.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo TV Series will be shown on Amazon. Produced by Sony Pictures Television along side Andy Harries from Left Bank Pictures as executive producer.