Sunday Short Theatre: Rhonda Mitrani’s Supermarket

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As we still find ourselves still lockdown, one of the very few places we’re are allowed to visit is the Supermarket. Ironically it’s also the name of this weeks Sunday Short Theatre, directed by Rhona Mitrani.

Supermarket is a playful satire about what women confront the moment they discover they’re pregnant: a complex economic system engineered to capitalize on birth and toddlerhood. All of which makes it shockingly easy to forget the simple wonder of creating a life.

The film is an dark comedy inspired by real pregnancies, with a surreal twist. Mitrani does mention Eugène Ionesco‘s avant garde post war film Rhinoceros. The pregnant woman in the film finds herself in a’with sensory overload’ with fellow shoppers giving her their input in what she should do for her unborn child. It’s not just from the shoppers but the companies that bombard pregnant women with products, rather than finding these things on their terms.

If you’re expecting, ladies be your own Mother, rather than big brands or other people want you to be…

Jasmine, a mid-thirties career woman, runs into a supermarket to pick up a few things for a dinner celebrating her office promotion. She enters the market, sneaks an olive, and suddenly finds herself in an alternate universe where she is magically pregnant.

Trapped in a market stocked with bizarre baby products and other absurdities, she meets a quirky cast of characters, all of who have their own philosophy on how to approach parenthood. Jasmine tries to escape the barrage of unsolicited information, products, opinions and medical advice thrown at her but her only way out is by looking inside herself.

Source:Film Shortage / Synopsis: Rhondamitrani