15 April 2024

Martin Scorsese’s New Isolation Short To Premiere On BBC

For many isolation and lockdown the boredom factor is through the roof. Unless your someone legendary as Martin Scorsese you just make a film! His new film isn’t full length feature but a short film which was commissioned by the BBC and you can watch the film tomorrow evening on Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard on BBC 2.

The new film, this time about being in isolation, in a short which was made especially for The film sees Martin explore what lockdown has meant to him, self-shot by the award-winning filmmaker. It will premiere in the final episode of Lockdown Culture , along side Director Lee Daniels will also feature, explaining why he believes the current shutdown in Hollywood could be a radical creative opportunity for filmmakers.

Talking about his experience in lockdown, Martin Scorsese said: “What I look forward to in the future is carrying with me what I have been forced to learn in these circumstances. It is the essential. The people you love. Being able to take care of them and be with them as much as you can.”

Commenting on the final episode of this run, Mary Beard said: “Martin Scorsese makes a wonderful end to the series. We see him at home, thinking about lockdown through the lens of classic movies, like Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man. But what’s really clever is that this great Hollywood luminary also gets us to look at Hitchcock again and afresh through the lens of our current predicament. I was absolutely over the moon when he agreed to do it for us. It feels a bit like hosting a little premiere! And it all contributes to a pretty amazing finale.

What Scorsese has to say fits very much with the style of the series. When we started we were facing the practical question of whether we could actually launch a programme from my study. But we soon came to realise that there was a really important project here, and there were a lot of big names, like Scorsese, who were happy to come on board. We wanted to show that arts and culture aren’t just a comfort in times like this (though of course they are) but that times like this can help us take a fresh look at culture, and see things with new eyes”.

Director Lee Daniels will also feature, explaining why he believes the current shutdown in Hollywood could be a radical creative opportunity for filmmakers.This is not to mention an exclusive monologue told through the voice of the Covid-19 virus from 2019’s Booker Prize winner, Bernardine Evaristo, the exclusive John Donne poem readings by both Dame Helen Mirren and actor Emma Thompson, as well as a discussion about the power of poetry during a pandemic with Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke, poet Lemn Sissay and historian David Olusoga.

You cab watch Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard, Episode 7, Thursday 28th May 7pm BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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