Join Us! Podcaster Co-/Hosts Wanted!

We are about to record the second episode of The Peoples Movies Film Podcast in the next 24 Hours. We’re looking for people to join us as a host or co-host for the current or future Podcast projects, Join Us!?

We’re looking for cinefiles looking to get into podcasting and share their passion for film. You will either be joining  the website editor join him to review. You will either be a writer who already works film criticism with a website/ podcast  and looking for another platform to work on. How about actually been a host yourself?

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Host or Co-Host you will be confident, reliable, lots of enthusiasm and full of ideas. Most of all you love film as well TV , Streaming (Netflix, etc..). You must be available on days of recording.

Do you need experience and skills? No experience really required, however if have or still /or have worked on a podcast, love to hear from you.

To join us, fill in the form below. We will ask a few more questions, Good Luck!

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