It Follows David Robert Mitchell To Direct A Superhero Film?

After making It Follows and Under Silver Lake, would David Robert Mitchell be the first name you think off to make a superhero film? Probably not, but he’s no stranger to genre films and now he’s about to add Superhero film to his filmography.

THR are reporting Mitchell is about to write and direct Heroes & Villains, for MGM Studios. He will also produce the film which is been described as an new take on the crowded Superhero genre. The actual story and what it’s about is still under wraps. What was revealed that the source material for the film won’t be based on any existing comic book or graphic novel.

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David Robert Mitchell has built an reputation in deconstructing genres. It Follows combined supernatural horror and sexual antics of humans that kills like an STI. Under The Silver Lake divided audiences with it’s enterprising take on the Film Noir conspiracy theory thriller.

We easily say this won’t be your typical Marvel Cinematic Universe fare.We do enjoy our MCU films and they have dominated the sub genre for a long time now. Studios are noticing this and now hunting for different type of spin on the superhero films. Netflix only last week picked up Ball And Chain about a married couple whose powers only work when they are together. That will star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt.

It’s expected casting will be starting soon as Mitchell has written the film’s main draft.Heroes & Villains is expected to be produced by Good Fear Content’s Chris Bender and Jake Weiner.