Horror Channel Premiering Psycho-thriller BAD SAMARITAN Starring David Tennant

With majority of us impatiently waiting for the day we can go back to the cinema, our crave for films will come in others. Television is one of those sources and Sunday 24th May we have a recommendation, Bad Samaritan.

Making its UK premiere at FrightFest last year, is directed by Dean Devlin (GEOSTORM) as an audacious throwback to 90s thrillers like American Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, Cape Fear and The Vanishing. A crazy and outrageous jump-scare exploiter, it piles on the suspense and rips along at a nonstop pace to mind-chilling contemporary paranoia.

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A small-time crook (Robert Sheehan) who runs a valet parking scam, robbing rich client’s houses while they dine at a fancy Italian restaurant, inadvertently stumbles upon a far more dangerous criminal – a sadistic serial killer played Doctor Who star David Tennant – earning a chance to redeem himself in this down-and-dirty, armrest-clutching shocker.

David Tennant relishes portraying men of an evil persuasion and commented: “There’s something delicious about getting to indulge in all the dark corners of human psychology”.

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Bad Samaritan will be premiering on The Horror Channel at 9pm, Sunday 24th May.