Danny Boyle To Direct Methuselah Starring Michael B.Jordan

Danny Boyle will direct Methuselah for Warner Bros Pictures. After pulling of out big budget film making with James Bond 25,the British director is heading back according to Variety.

The project has been around for a while with Tom Cruise with the ‘high priority’ of developing this film into a franchise. We all know how busy Cruise is, Michael B.Jordan has now stepped into the leading role. Jon Watts was originally set up to direct this one, however he would go onto direct the Tom Holland led Spider-Man films.

There is nothing to say the idea for an franchise can’t still be done with Jordan. Warner Bros. have been highly impressed with the actor for a while especially with his work on Creed films.  The studio have been looking for that perfect film project for a while now.

The original concept for the film, from Warner Bros., was based on the Biblical story of a man who lived to be 969 years old. But sources say that has changed, and the creative team is taking a new approach with the plot.

Tony Gilroy originally wrote the film’s main draft. With some saying the studio want a ‘Highlander‘ style film packed with so much mythology. With a man who has lived a thousand years without actually ageing. An intellectual with great knowledge, and ability to speak  multiple languages, understanding of the  sciences, as well as survival skills.

Jordan may know how to throw a punch or two, he’s no stranger to action. Playing the main antagonist in Marvel’s Black Panther. He’ll continue that action streak in Without Remorse, which will be based on Tom Clancy novels.

Exactly when this project will start filming is up in the air. Jordan also has David O’Russell‘s next film which stars Christian Bale and Margot Robbie. With Denzil Washington‘s Journal For Jordan also lined up.

If  Methuselah does become a franchise, will Danny Boyle still stay onboard this project?