18 April 2024

Watch This Awesome Mobile Suit Gundam Timelines Video Essay

No bones about it, Gundam is one of the most iconic Japanese Animation. Like many anime titles started life as manga, written and illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. One of the most recognisable of all the Mecha animations (Giant Robots), that is known worldwide. The giant fighting robots, many with their own unique,looks and back stories.

Since that now historical first episode broadcasted in Japan April 7, 1979, what amazing things would be unearthed. Off course the biggest mistake many Otaku make, they think it’s the only Mecha when asked to name another Mecha . It’s an easy mistake to make to the untrained eye. Gundam also spanned many seasons as well as spin offs, with Gundam Wing the first series. If you ever made any of those plastic robot kits? Probably Gundam ones!

Now lets meet Tim Lyu, who has released this awesome 70 minute Video Essay. Called ‘EVERY Gundam Timeline Explained‘, Tim takes us through the timeline that makes up every Gundam world.

This video is part of an every other week video series where Tim dives deep into the world of anime. Got a topic you want Tim to explore?

Gundam. Gundamn Gundam. From Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin with Iron Blooded Orphans, Builders, SEED, and so many more in between Tim Lyu is here to break down ALL of the timelines. We got your rx-78-2 , your Zaku, your unicorn, we got it ALL!

Source: Crunchyroll Youtube

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