Watch The Awesome Animated Short REBOOTED

My first recollection of going to the cinema for the first time was Clash Of The Titans. The 1981 Harry Hamlin version, not the Sam Worthington one. The one thing that always stood out as a memory was the special effects from the legendary Ray Harryhausen. Jason And The Argonauts, The Sinbad films are other project.

Remember the Skeletons from Clash Of The Titans? If yes you’ll dig this awesome little short, Rebooted. Michael Shanks short film is like a love letter to Harryhausen. The director sharing paying tribute to the memories he had to the artist and the films.

This little gem centres around a stop motion animated skeleton, who happened to be a big star in his day. But that was a long time ago and now he struggles to find work in Tinsel town.

Gorgeous little film, that makes you feel for this little old skeleton. It runs at just under 13 minutes long, check it out…

It’s not easy for a movie-star to age – especially when you’re a stop motion animated skeleton monster.
Phil, once a terrifying villain of the silver-screen, struggles to find work in modern Hollywood due to being an out-of-date special effect.

Brilliant stuff.

Source: Geek Tyrant