Watch Jason Gudasz’s Horror Short ‘Place’

Families should stick together when times are bad. In Jason Gudasz‘s Short horror film ‘Place’, it’s family member against family member.

Moving into a new house can be a great restart but also can be very stressful. This house is no ordinary home, it’s a haunted house! ‘Place‘ tells story of a couple who who move into a new house with their young daughter. As they make great plans for their new home, there’s something already living in the house who has plans for them.

The director doesn’t hide his influences and this one has plenty. One particular scene, the one with the woman at the mirror could easily fit into Donnie Darko. Slick and well crafted short film with nice dark humorous moments.

This film premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and Fantasia Film Festival. With any other Film Festivals 2020 in doubt, what better time to release this one…

Vimeo showcased this one a couple of weeks, via their ‘Staff Picks‘. Here’s the short synopsis that accompanied the film…

Wanting a fresh start, Lauren (Emily Green) moves into a house with her daughter (Stella Edwards) and new boyfriend (Nick Hurley)—but the spirits of the house have plans to turn them all against each other in very bizarre ways.

Place stars Emily Green, Nick Hurley, and Stella Edwards.