Universal Pictures Want To Remake Night Of The Hunter

Robert Mitchum‘s classic Southern Gothic, The Night Of The Hunter looks set to be remade.

Variety is reporting are report Operation Finale scribe, Matt Orton set to write the script. The original classic thriller was based on the novel from David Grubb. Charles Laughton directed the film version, a film considered one of the most inspirational films ever. Considered the film that inspired many modern filmmakers.

The report is also stating Amy Pascal will be producing alongside Peter Gethers. Jay Polidoro will produce for Universal Pictures.

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What is The Night Of The Hunter all about? It was actor Charles Laughton‘s  only ever film he directed. Mitchum plays traveling preacher named Harry Powell (he of the tattooed knuckles). He marrys  a fragile widow (played by Shelley Winters),  whom plans to steal $10,000 from. But his nefarious motives are uncovered by her terrified young children.

The film was very dark, controversial for it’s day with an adult preying on children. Even in today’s film era it’s still a taboo topic. The film is deemed a ‘American Classic‘ and  “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. The original print now finds itself preserved in  the United States Library of Congress  National Film Registry.

When this new broke, it didn’t get the best of responses especially online. Whilst we know social media doesn’t always give you the exact response. When classics are been lined up for remake, it’s going to annoy hardcore fans and rightly so for certain films.

With virtually every industry at a stop, it’s hard to say when or if this project will start. Like many films already names to direct and star in have been mentioned everyone from Tom Hardy, Josh Brolin, Walter Goggins, Matt Damon, Christian Bale even Nicholas Cage. As for directors David Gordon Green and Jennifer Kent.