The Art Of Social Distancing Wes Anderson Style

It’s no laughing matter, Corona Virus aka Covid-19 is dangerous. Are you getting the grip of Social Distancing? There’s one person who can certainly help, that’s Wes Anderson.

Any fan of the film director will know he’s been practicing the art, for a very long time. All his films all have it, maybe then we didn’t understand it, now we do.

We have to admit the days we did step outside our front doors, certain times the practice has been awful. But we understand it can be very tricky to master or even remember as we try to live our lives anyway we can.

Here in the UK, we’re asked to be at least 2 metres between people. In the USA it’s 6 feet which is just a little less than 2 metres. We’re not asking anyone to have a measuring tape with them as they go out, just use your common sense. If you need any help, think yourself as if you were in a Wes Anderson Film.

Indie Film Magazine Little White Lies have released this awesome short video. Called ‘Wes Anderson’s Social Distancing‘, which shows you how practice social distancing. All thanks to the video created and edited by Luís Azevedo.

So if you need any more encouragement to visit the strange world created by Wes Anderson. You have no excuse anymore! It’s strange times, stay safe…

How to practice #SocialDistancing, according to the #films of #WesAnderson. Edited by Luís Azevedo.

Source: LWLIES