Sunday Short Theatre: Finding Uranus (2019)

Now this been Easter Sunday, probably shouldn’t be posting something a little risky. But what heck we love this little naughty Short film for it’s innovative storytelling. Ivan Li‘s Finding Uranus is this week’s Sunday Short Theatre and a coming of age sci-fi about lost and found.

Li is a Hong Kong born Canadian which was nominated for various Short Film Competitions. Screening in film festivals around the world scooping up several awards as well heaps of praise. Li was keeping the film for release later this year but now it’s out…

Finding Uranus is a Coming of Age sci-fi film about lost and found.

Described as a coming-of-age sci-fi film and playfully dedicated to “my brothers who couldn’t make it”, Li’s film follows a young “incel” man who embarks on a futuristic jerk-off session after a little online stalking. Donning his VR headset and grabbing his lotion pump (not a euphemism), we follow our pantless protagonist’s virtual experience as he becomes a spunky spacemen on a cosmic adventure.

Certainly an unforgettable short film with dark comedic overtones. Masturbation is not an easy subject to make a film about. It’s on the totally bonkers side of things, unconventional approach, darkly humorous

We love it, hopefully you will too, word of warning be careful who you watch this with.Some folks might not like the subject matter

Source:Short Of The Week