13 April 2024

Five TV shows That Should Make A Comeback

Television game shows are an entertaining feature of British life; the idea of gambling for a prize – usually money – is one that will likely never decrease in popularity. With the rise in technology, gambling now has a heavy presence online, with the exponential growth of casino and bingo sites proof of this. The pull of winning is an unbelievable feeling – as is watching someone change their life – but which game shows would make for great TV if they returned?

Deal or No Deal

The classic Noel Edmonds show with a banker at the other end of a phone always threw up the mystery question: was there actually a banker? Whether there was or not, Deal or No Deal kept the tension the whole way through, even with elements of humour thrown in. Despite its popularity, the only way to delve into the game of boxes now is by playing a Dealornodealcasino game online – though the rise in online gambling ensures there are plenty to choose from. The camaraderie between contestants and audience should be enough to see it return alone.

Golden Balls

Jasper Carrott hosted Golden Balls for just two years before the show was cut. The dwindling audiences was the main reason, but the quiz show was an hour-length of tension, if a little bit stagnant at times. That memory of a shy, nervous woman deciding to steal £100,000 rather than split it with the male opposite will go down in gaming show history. And, with Carrott delivering witty quips every now and then, it would be interesting to see if Golden Balls could survive if it returned.

Total Wipeout

Hosted by one of the infamous Top Gear trio, Richard Hammond, Total Wipeout was a silly yet highly entertaining gameshow full of several difficult obstacles. The show lasted five series with a course in Argentina providing the enjoyment. Full of sun and happy-go-lucky contestants, Total Wipeout was a hilarious way to kickstart the Saturday night with the “big red balls” causing the majority of humour.

Hole in the Wall

Hosted by Dale Winton, Hole in the Wall was basically an excuse to make celebrities look ridiculous in front of the nation. The tight, lycra bodysuits were unflattering to say the least, but it did make for a lot of fun as celebrities tried their best to get into different positions in order to make it through different-shaped holes in various walls. It could definitely make a comeback as there is always a celebrity or two willing to do stupid things on camera.

Blankety Blank

First broadcast in 1979, Blankety Blank was a TV classic. The game was, essentially, simple: fill in the blanks to win prizes with the famous Blankety Blank ‘chequebook’ trophy and pen the consolation prize. It has been revived several times after TV and radio legend Terry Wogan initially hosted it with Paul O’Grady and David Walliams taking the hotseat. Could easily be revived with either O’Grady or Walliams taking the reins.

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