Final Rick And Morty Season 4 Episodes Gets A Trailer!

We all need a good laugh and a bit of childish humour in these days of lockdown and social distancing. Rick And Morty will fulfill those urges and Adult Swim have released the Trailer for the final part of Season 4.

The final five eagerly awaited episodes are only four weeks away from airing. Each season seems to be ten episodes long, with five broadcast in November and the final five in May making up 10 episodes per season. It’s a logical move, especially with 70 plus episodes to work through.

Check out the trailer…

Are we excited? Understatement of the century! Of course we are! Thankfully April Fools day jokes don’t work after midday. So yes this is true!

The trailer has all the elements fans will expect. Plenty of aliens, mechs (and Gundam Mech!), insane, ridiculously stupid behaviour along with Jerry being a jackass!

Rick And Morty is funny, bizarre and totally bonkers. Some people might think the dark humour is inappropriate for the current era. As far as we’re concerned, it’s far from it; a perfect time to laugh. There’s nothing better than seeing Rick destroy his grandson Morty’s life, along with innocent bystanders too.

Rick And Morty Season 4, episodes 6 – 10 will air on Adult Swim, from Sunday 3rd May. This date however is the U.S launch, E4 is the UK home of the series, there’s no confirmation of UK broadcast date.

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